What is “aging in place”?
Aging in place is a growing trend where individuals have moved into a neighborhood or area and have stayed there as they have grown older.

What is NORC?
NORC is an acronym for “Naturally Occurring Retirement Community.” It can be anywhere individuals have lived and aged in place.

What is a NORC program?
The goal of NORCs is to help support older adults so that they can remain in their homes for as long as possible and avoid premature institutionalization. We establish NORCs in a geographic area where there is a relatively high density of older adults (whether they are living in neighborhoods or high rise buildings). These older adults may have moved into their homes 20, 30, or 40 years ago and over time, the community has become a “Naturally Occurring Retirement Community.”

 NORCs build on the strengths of the community. We don’t want to duplicate what’s already being provided, but instead work together with other organizations to help coordinate services more efficiently. At the same time, we try to identify and fill gaps in services to help stay in their homes for as long as possible.

What are some distinctive characteristics of NORC supportive service programs?
NORC programs provide a wide array of services that match the varied needs and the interests of the older adults within that NORC.
Services are available to all older adults living within the NORC boundaries.
Older adults, their families and friends can take an active role in designing, developing and coordinating services offered.
Programs draw isolated older adults out of their hones to interact with neighbors they might never have met.

What are some examples of potential NORC services?
Social programs and outings
Individual Assessments
Yard work and chore services
Exercise and preventive health programs
Caregiver Support Group
Stimulating educational classes
Home safety assessments
Small home repairs supported by grants

Who are some of the “collaborating partners”?
Dekalb County Office of Senior Affairs
Senior Connections
Mason Mill Parks and Recreation
Dekalb County Fire and Rescue
Community Housing Resource Center
Briarcliff Oaks Apartments
Emory University School of Medicine

What is the role of Jewish Family & Career Services and The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta?
Jewish Family & Career Services is the lead agency for the NORC at Toco Hills. The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta is responsible for conducting advocacy to secure funding; Financial oversight; NORC Advisory Committee.